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By Syera Som: A collection of random thoughts from a wandering mind.
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LangLeav. I am so gonna get the Lullabies.

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My favourite ever! I can eat this everyday.

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The most crucial courage.

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Ha dah, dah upload dah gambar racquet Wilson ni sekali pft. All set! part II.

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Here comes the day when I will only walk in those heels from home to my car and from my car to my work station. Then I will just slip on my comfy old wedges to walk around the office. Hello getting-old, come here, let me embrace you.

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All set! Hihi 😘

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You know what, seriously, I cannot find another flower that could be happier than a sunflower ♡

My favourite childhood song. During those days, they always had catchy, upbeat, positively motivational songs. Hampa ingat dak? Toksah bajet millenium kids sangat aih.

Definitely this is the song you should include in the playlist for your morning jog. Morning, mentari geddit geddit?? 

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You should always, always set up a new limit for yourself in life. Once a new, updated limit is set, you can never go back.

Example, for running, you may start with a decent 10 for 3 km, then you do an upgrade to 9 for 5km and maybe soon enough, it will be 7 for 10 km or even 6 for 15 km.

Though for someone who is still stuck at 8-9 for 15 km (high probability of a one-hit-wonder), I admit I did sound like a real Miss Smarty Pants lol.

Okay okay, I need to start running stat.

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Kanji for day
Kanji for rain

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